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3-Stage Smart NASA Nanotech water filter fits simply and concealed by your water heater. Make the wise decision for your business or family to have crystal clear, pure water every time from any water source in your office our home. Be prepared by having perfect tasting water everyday or in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

How does the filter system work?

The Guardian Whole House water filtration, with Smart NASA Nanotech electro-positive media technology is capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange at fast flow rates, unlike standard mechanical filtration systems.

Because of the proven benefits of the smart NASA Nanotech water filter, this system truly is superior to all others systems being sold on the market. Wait, there’s more… Guardian series filters create no wasted water like with reverse osmosis systems.

Price includes: “Big Blue” industrial-grade housings with pressure release, brass (lead free) fittings, wall-mount bracket, two liquid-filled pressure gauges, faucet canister wrench, and 3 filters.

Major Benefits:

Stage 1 – String woven 5-micron pre-filter for reduction of dirt, rust and sediment. 
Stage 2 – Coconut carbon / silver impregnated filter  for reduction of chlorine, bad taste, odor, VOCs and inorganic material.
Stage 3 – Smart NASA Nanotech PAC / silver impregnated sub micron filter for reduction of viruses, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, heavy metals, hormones, pharmaceuticals and Volatile Organic Compounds.

Ideal for your home, restaurants, bars, and other commercial applications where a large flow rate is necessary. You’ll rest confident that all your water is crystal clear, purified, and consistent across all sources.

Smart NASA Nanotech a electro-positive media is capable of removing submicron pathogens and inorganic contaminants through electro-adhesion and ion exchange – at fast flow rates – unlike standard mechanical filtration systems.

This technology makes it possible for a non-woven media to produce filtration efficiency comparable to ultra membrane filtration but at very low pressure drop, with high flow rates and high loading capacity working equally well in fresh, brackish or salt waters. This system is a cost effective alternative to higher priced water treatment methods  such as reverse osmosis, and systems with UV lights. It also gives the user great tasting, clean, healthy water for drinking, cooking, washing produce and countless other uses.

The Guardian Three-Stage Water Filtration System is a cost-effective combination for reducing many contaminants. See a full list of benefits:

    • Smart NASA Nanotech
    • Electro-absorbtion membrane
    • 50,000 – 100,000 gallons of water filter lifetime
    • High-flow rate / no water pressure loss
    • Sediment / rust / dirt reduction
    • Removes chlorine and some fluoride
    • Relegates bacteria / viruses / cysts / Giardia / Cryptosporidium
    • Filters heavy metals from your water
    • Reduces EDC’s (drugs) RNA & DNA / pharmaceuticals / hormones / endotoxins
    • Smallest micron (.02) filter available in a point-of-use water filter system
    • Eliminates offensive odors delivering spring-like tasting water
    • Lead free and meets all state requirements
    • No moving parts to repair
    • Industrial-grade filter canisters
    • No wasted water from back-washing tank or RO filter like a Reverse Osmosis system
    • Retains beneficial minerals in the water
    • Maintains pH water balance
    • Very low maintenance simply replace filter and media cartridges
    • Protects against the need for potential “boil water alerts”
    • Produces clean, safe, great tasting water for less then $0.015 per gallon

Specialty cartridges are also available. It is recommended to change filters at least once a year. The System Stands 30 inches tall, 23 inches Wide, and 9 1/4 inches Deep. The filters themselves are 4 1/2 inches in diameter, and 20 inches tall.


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