Frisco photo

Hidden ironically in the Great Basin Desert between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Wasatch Mountain range is what has become known as Frisco Peak. It's humble location at the southern end cap of the San Francisco Mountains overlooks the small desert community of Milford, Utah. Historically the peak also overlooked the flourishing old west town who's namesake hosted the rough-and-tumble miners of the Horn Silver Mine. Discovered in 1875 the mine flourished, then by 1882 became the largest silver production mine in the world and Frisco became a true-early American "boom town". True to most boom scenarios inevitably came the antecedent bust in 1885 caused by an unfortunate and devastating mine cave in. Immediately following the crash, that amazingly harmed no on, the town of Frisco soon became that of the ghost variety, and today only a few remnants remaining. The pioneers of that mining community consisted of prospectors, mavericks, miners and some of the greatest survivalist of all time. They were rough, tough and able to endure the harshest of circumstances of the that day.

Today's technology compared to 1875, is a valley apart from the way kids function and participate in the world. I want my kids to be objectively aware of technology but also able to function outside that realm as well. One day I had an idea to help my already-active son prepare for his present and future by helping him build a business around things we love to do together.

Each year we travel to our family cabin in Central Utah to spend time together and enjoy the great outdoors. Part of our ritual is learning new skills and teaching each other how to live a minimalist life. We have done such things as fire starting, knife throwing, hiking, and living without the less-essential items we are accustomed to. I thought this would provide a foundation for a possibly great business.

Having a business together is a way to bond, teach, provide experience and hopefully a future to thrive. Frisco Peak today is a business built around basic survival and the products needed to withstand natural disasters, ship wrecks, cast away, being stranded, unexpected circumstances, and even the zombie apocalypse.

Let's survive together!

Brandon & Jaaxen Bouck