Water Pure Technologies saves Standing Rock

Whatever is your stance on the Standing Rock protest and NoDAPL positioning is a personal perspective and we respect your right to your opinion. Rather than focus on the the political ramifications of the confrontation at hand, Frisco Peak and this article prefers to divert attention to another important aspect of the situation. For anyone still living under a small stone and needs a crash course on the situation it goes like this. There’s a large oil reserve at the top of the North Dakota map, there’s a pipeline that is under construction that is wanting to transport crude sweet oil from that dot to another dot on the map four states away. In today’s world of technology this is as easy as microwaving a hot pocket, trying to eat it is a different animal altogether. Consequently a heated hot pocket will literally seal your lips together if you dare to indulge before you wait the required 20 minutes cool-off period. Similarly, all would go smoothly if it were not for the trek that the pipeline has proposed to travel that for one reason or another seems to need to run right over the top of a Native American reservation, sacred ground and inconvenient properties. Now, I enjoy a scenic spin on motorcycle as much as the next motor head and it’s well known that it requires gas to ignite it’s combustion chamber for my two wheels to spin. But, if it required that I run through my neighbors backyard, over their sego lily garden and under their favorite duck pond I can see why they would have a problem with my hobby. I can also sympathize with the general population of good people who have decided to stand up for their rights and collect on the grounds where the two parties disagree and demonstrate in protest. I would probably do that same thing if I were them.

Herein lies the problem, good people meet to protest and the pipeline company meets in the middle to ensure they are taking care of business on their side. Clearly some things have gotten out of control but I won’t do any justice explaining what injustices have happened compared to the numerous articles that have been written to describe every angle of this standoff, not to mention I vowed I would not strike on the evidence either way. Unfortunately, there are lots of people on one plot of ground who are likely upset, thirsty, cold and hungry. We know what Snickers has said about being hangry, it’s eventually going to end in tears.

I’m not trying to make light of a devastating situation or capitalize on their misfortune either way. But in my light-hearted attempt to sum up the circumstances surrounding this quandary I digress to a more relevant fact. People are most important and as I said, people at Standing Rock are hungry and thirsty and hearing that Water Pure Technologies, manufacturer of our water filtration products popped their head up like a curious gopher from the dry desert sand. When they heard the lips of those people were dried and parched it felt like responsibility to offer our humble service to assist in the way they know best. The fact is, the situation is bleak and I understand that the Sioux people are sadly having to borrow water by the 50 gallon barrel from the nearest water picket. When you are trying to carry water to thousands of people it can be nearly impossible to keep up. Enter Water Pure. This week they have communicated with the Sioux Nation and others and agreed to donate one of our full house units to the the cause. This bad boy will pump over 100 gallons an hour and keep the people hydrated for weeks and even months on end. Founder Tom Smokoff has decided to take one for the team and is literally on the road as I strike the keys of my computer board to share this news. When he gets there he is going to hook up the required wires, hoses, and pumps and deliver the most beautifully clean, pure and life saving water to thousand of relieved folks. I’m grateful I can be part of it from a distance and I’m excited to see the footage that we will kindly post at which point.

At Frisco Peak, we offer our support to everyone who might be suffering in any way possible through this and any other similar ordeal. We do not overstate the importance nor the basic needs of anyone involved and we hope and pray for their safety and find hope in the possibility of some unification or compromise for everyone involved. We are just excited that our manufacturing partner was able to be a part of the problem solving aspect of one primal need of pure and clean water for all. In one small way Water Pure has helped to save the day.

Founder and friend Tom Smokoff of Water Pure Technologies , our manufacturer,  at Standing Rock.

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