What's in your water?

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Survival Doesn't Have to Come with Boundaries

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Preparation is Key

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Clean Water

Home and mobile water filtration systems provide you with safe, purified, and good tasting water through NASA Technology. Not all filtration systems are created equal. Our Water Pure Technology filters out: Chlorine, E. Coli, bacteria, viruses, algae, pharmaceuticals, foul tastes and odors, and many other harmful contaminants.  Click below to read more.

Fire Starters

Prometheus in Greek mythology, was a Titan who stole fire from Mount Olympus and shared it with humanity. Subsequently, for this deed he sacrificed and was sentenced to eternal punishment. Fire is much easier to come across these days, but in a moment of survival you'll need to know how to build your own. We offer an effective high-heat fire starter, read for more info.

Outdoor Gear

We want to help you stay safe and enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. With our many products from survival backpacks to filtered water bottles you will know at least you will have all the most basic needs met.  Click below to explore what we have in stock.

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Water Pure Technologies saves Standing Rock


Whatever is your stance on the Standing Rock protest and NoDAPL positioning is a personal perspective and we respect your right to your opinion. Rather than focus on the the political ramifications of the confrontation at hand, Frisco Peak and this article prefers to divert attention to another important aspect of the situation. For anyone still…

Survival Options for Emergency Readiness

We have gear appropriate for your home and office as well as outdoor recreation and preparedness. You require the necessities of life wherever you go - whatever you're doing.

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